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Past Events

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  • April 28th, 2022: Dr. Mahdi Shahbakhti & Stephen Lindwall

    ​Topic: Cooperative Truck Platooning Systems Trial
    Speakers: Stephen Lindwall, Project Manager; & Dr. Mahdi Shahbakhti
    Abstract: Learn about how data is managed and used in the cooperative movement between vehicles and the volumes of data and specific telematics used for communications, operation and safety for automated vehicles such as trucks.

    June 7th, 2022: "Road to Lakehouse: A Brief History of Analytics"

    Speaker: Guanjie Shen

    Abstract: Lakehouse is the newest paradigm emerging for modern data analytics architecture. It combines the flexibility, cost-efficiency, and scale of data lakes with the data management and ACID guarantees of data warehouses; enabling both business intelligence and machine learning workloads against a single source of truth.
    In this talk, we will go back through the last 20 years and discuss how the different innovations in technology have impacted the way we think about data architecture leading up to the Lakehouse pattern.

  • May 1st 2021: Joseph Paul

  • January 23rd 2020: "How the City of Edmonton is using emerging technologies to improve services and experiences for its citizens"

    Speaker: Karen Parker

    February 20th 2020: "Detecting and correcting typing errors in open Knowledge Graphs"

    Speaker: Denilson Barbosa

    March 24th 2020: "AI and Cognitive Computing in Data Management"

    Speaker: Mark Miskiman

    April 8th 2020: "Optimal Data Governance Structures"

    Speaker: David Marco

    April 21st 2020: "How Data is Your Best Defense in a Downturn"

    Speaker: Doug Laney

    October 2020: "Spatial Data"

    Speaker: Sean Milne

  • January 22nd 2019: "Multimedia Data from Space to your Doorstep"

    Speaker: Dr. Irene Cheng, Scientific 

  • January 16th 2018: "Blockchain and the business: A journey from mining to data management"

    Speaker: Rene Kohut

    February 22nd 2018: "Business Intelligence - portals and collaboration"

    Speakers: Todd Beschell,  Michael Lo, Patrick Chorley, and Peggy Lee

  • March 9th 2017: "Problems in Oil & Gas Pipelines using Data Analytics and importing data from diverse technologies"

    Speakers: Tim Edward and Jordan Dubuc from OneBridge

    June 27th 2017: Dr. Prasanth Southekal

    October 10th 2017: "Protecting your information assets, cyber securing your data, networks, and applications."

    Speaker: Wilf Ulmer, Chief Data Architect at Alberta Transportation and Alberta Infrastructure

    November 21st 2017: "Core Data Models and Application Frameworks"

    Speaker: Blair Kjenner

  • September 8th 2016: "The Power and Risk of Analytics"


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