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Corporate Memberships

Bronze, Silver, and Gold Corporate Memberships offer a discount of up to 20% for your organization's memberships.


The Platinum Corporate Sponsorship provides you with exclusive benefits.


The Platinum Corporate Membership takes your organization's data capabilities to new heights with DAMA Edmonton's premium offering. With DAMA certification, companies can enroll an unlimited number of employees as DAMA members, providing them with unparalleled benefits like networking opportunities, access to exclusive content, and discounted conference registrations. Showcase your expertise at our monthly meetings and conferences, connecting with top professionals and potential clients. Enjoy access to our job boards, finding the best talent to fuel your data-driven success. Additionally, as a corporate member, you gain access to private training sessions on data management, empowering your team to excel in the ever-evolving data landscape. Elevate your organization's potential with our comprehensive Corporate Membership, priced at just $4,000 per organization. Join DAMA Edmonton's thriving data community and unlock a world of possibilities! Platinum benefits include:


  • Empowered Team Networking: Enroll an unlimited number of employees as DAMA members, providing each individual with unparalleled networking opportunities and access to industry trends, problems, and solutions.

  • Showcase Expertise: Present at DAMA Edmonton's monthly meetings and conferences, allowing each team member to showcase their expertise and contribute to the thriving data community.

  • Exclusive Content Access: Empower each employee with valuable insights and the latest developments in data management through access to exclusive content.

  • Enhanced Professional Development: Enjoy discounted conference registrations, granting each team member 20% off DAMA Edmonton's highly anticipated fall conference and other chapter events, furthering their professional growth.

  • Open Role Postings: Access to DAMA Edmonton's job boards to post open positions at your company, attracting top talent to fuel your data-driven success.

  • Priority Event Access: Corporate members receive priority access to limited-seating events, workshops, and training sessions, ensuring your team secures spots in high-demand activities.

  • Customized Learning: Offer exclusive webinars or online workshops tailored to the specific needs and interests of corporate members, providing valuable insights and expertise in data management.

  • Executive Exchange: Host exclusive executive roundtable discussions, bringing together leaders from different organizations to exchange ideas and best practices in data management.

  • Visibility and Recognition: Provide corporate members with the opportunity to showcase their data-driven projects and success stories on the DAMA Edmonton website and newsletter, increasing visibility and recognition within the data community.

  • Spotlight on Excellence: Feature corporate members in special spotlight articles or interviews, highlighting their contributions to the data industry and showcasing their expertise to the broader community.

  • Collaborative Innovation: Facilitate collaboration opportunities among corporate members for joint projects or initiatives, fostering innovation and knowledge exchange within the network.

  • Customized Learning: Tailor workshops and training sessions to address specific challenges or areas of interest within corporate members' organizations, providing targeted solutions and insights.

  • Celebrating Achievements: Introduce an annual recognition or awards program for corporate members, celebrating their achievements in data management and promoting a culture of excellence.

  • Strategic Insights: Provide corporate members with access to exclusive industry reports and research findings, helping them stay ahead of emerging trends and industry developments.

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