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Membership Benefits

  • Access highly anticipated events, including DAMA Edmonton's fall conference, and other chapter activities with an at least 25% discount, enhancing your professional development.

  • Connect with local Information Management Professionals, fostering valuable industry connections and knowledge sharing

  • Gain the opportunity to present at DAMA Edmonton's monthly meetings and conferences, showcasing your expertise and contributing to the data community.

  • Enjoy access to exclusive content through a digital library, empowering you with valuable insights and the latest developments in data management.

  • Explore career opportunities and connect with potential employers in the data industry through DAMA Edmonton's job boards.

  • Participate in exclusive webinars or online workshops tailored to your interests and needs, providing valuable insights and expertise in data management.

  • Stay updated with emerging trends and industry developments through access to exclusive industry reports and research findings.

  • Pursue professional certification, earning industry recognition for your expertise in data management and get the opportunity to volunteer and develop collaboration and management skills.

  • Be part of DAMA Edmonton's dynamic data community, collaborating with like-minded professionals and enthusiasts to drive innovation and success in data management and AI.

Unlock a world of data-driven opportunities with DAMA Edmonton's exclusive membership benefits! Gain access to unparalleled networking opportunities, discounted conference registrations, and exclusive content. Join us now and elevate your career in the thriving data community!

Looking to purchase a corporate membership? Learn more about corporate memberships here

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