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Frequently Asked Questions

  • DAMA (Data Management Association) is a global community of data professionals dedicated to advancing the understanding and practice of data management.

  • Joining our DAMA chapter in Edmonton offers opportunities for networking, professional development, and access to valuable resources in the field of data management.

  • To become a member, simply visit our membership page and follow the instructions for registration.

  • Members enjoy benefits such as access to exclusive events, workshops, webinars, networking opportunities, and discounts on DAMA events and conferences.

  • No, our chapter welcomes individuals from all backgrounds who are interested in data management, including students, educators, and professionals.

  • We host events throughout the year at various locations in Edmonton. Check our events calendar for details on upcoming meetings and venues.

  • Yes, we encourage members to get involved and volunteer. You can learn more about volunteer opportunities on our website.

  • Our events and workshops cover a wide range of topics related to data management, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, data governance, data modeling, data analytics, and more.

  • Subscribe to our newsletter (on our homepage), follow us on social media, and regularly check our website for updates and announcements.

  • There are fees for the chapter events for either in person or online. Members often receive discounts on event registrations. Check the event details for specific pricing information.

  • Monthly meeting can be in the Nexen Theatre or PIC building, depending on availability. Please check the specific event for details. The L Parking Lot is close to the location. 

  • Yes, we welcome partnerships and sponsorships from organizations that align with our mission. Contact us for more information on partnership opportunities.

  • You can reach out to us through our contact page on the website or send an email to

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