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Board of Directors


Stephen Kaiser (Canadian Western Bank - AVP Data Trust, Science and Information Experience)

Past President

Kewal Dhariwal (ICCP - Executive Director - Founder DAMA Chapter)

Vice President Business Development

Bob Hiew (BH Enterprises - Founder DAMA Chapter)

Vice President Marketing & Logistics

Surinder Padem (NAIT-CTC - Program Manager - Founder DAMA Chapter)

Vice President Data Science Initiatives

Eric Dressler (Alberta Motor Association – AVP Data & Analytics)

Vice President Education & Standards

Dan Haight (Darkhorse Analytics - President)

Vice President Data Governance & Education

Rania Waseef (Data Governance - Program Manager)

Vice President IoT, ML/AI

Bruce Matichuk (HealthGuage Inc.)

Vice President Finance & Audit

Bernie Hsie, CPA

Vice President Membership

Tatyana Sukhina (Sia Partners)

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